Office Policies and Billing

The Law Office of Susan M. Erickson maintains a number of policies that are designed to make the attorney-client relationship as transparent and even-handed as possible.  These policies are set forth in the legal services agreement you and Ms. Erickson will execute at the outset of a professional relationship.  


Billing issues and practices have traditionally been one of the major causes of friction in a client's relationship with its outside counsel.   Ms. Erickson keeps her overhead costs quite low, and she passes those savings on to her clients, resulting in hourly rates that are often on par with what clients have paid for associates' time at larger law firms as opposed to partner-level rates.   


Additionally, Ms. Erickson does not bill her clients for many of the "office service" type charges that can be vexing to find on a bill, such as charges for faxes or copy or print jobs.  She does not charge for her travel time, whether local (within the greater Austin area) or longer distance.    Of note as well -- you will be billed only for Ms. Erickson's time spent working directly on your requested legal tasks and not for legal assistants' or office administrators' time.     


Finally, if you believe a particular task or assignment is better suited for an alternative fee arrangement, rather than the standard hourly billing method, please feel free to raise this during your initial discussion with Ms. Erickson.









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